Coaching C Licence (Online)

The role of a teqpong coach:

According to The Oxford English Dictionary a coach is defined as a trainer or instructor of sport. However, anyone with experience of coaching or being coached will see that the coach’s role is more complex and extends far beyond that.

The main role of a coach is to assist athletes to reach their full potential, by analysing, instructing, and motivating the players’ they coach. However, a coach’s role does not just stop at that, roles vary from being a manager, demonstrator, motivator, leader, friend, supporter, advisor and at times even a chauffeur! 

Why should I become a qualified teqpong coach?

Being a coach is rewarding and satisfying, coaches gain satisfaction by helping people develop and achieve their goals. I mean what is better than watching a kid who could not hit a ball when you first started coaching them go on to win their first tournament?  An opportunity to impact first-hand on other peoples’ lives for the better and in the meantime benefit from personal self-development.

The C licence will give you an insight into coaching and give you the basic information and knowledge needed as a coach to start helping athletes reach their potential.

About the course:

The Coaching C Licence is the online starter course to help you on your teqpong coaching career journey. The course will cover the rules of the sport, roles of a coach, what to work on with athletes, basic technique and how to structure a session. All the required materials and information required to pass the exam can be found in the materials section below. Applicants may only take the exam once so make sure you take your time to go through and fully understand the materials before taking the exam.  If you have any questions, please contact the teqpong team at [email protected]





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