Teqpong is an innovative racket sport exclusively designed to be played on a multi-functional sports equipment, the Teq table.

It challenges not only your physical skills but your focus and mind control as well.

The curved sports equipment makes the game even more enjoyable creating various types of bounces whereby angles need to be recalculated and your reactions will be tested.

Teqpong is an excellent way to spend time for both professional athletes and those who are looking for a recreational hobby, regardless of age, gender, or level of skills.

Playing teqpong can greatly enhance hand-eye coordination and also improve concentration and reflexes.

Players must use the same type of racket, creating an even playing field whereby you must rely on your own skills to get the victory.

Enjoy the distinctive features of teqpong such as the thrilling 'doublepoint', a one-bounce serve, and the opportunity to volley the ball again if it bounces back from the net!

Welcome to the TEQ family!