Para Teqpong is a key member of the Teqsports family, a special racket sport for disabled athletes, which requires not only physical, but also mental skills and focus.

This fast-pace sport allows two players in wheelchairs to face each other in thrilling matches which test all the players’ skills and reflexes.

A Para Teqpong match consists of two or more games won, depending on the competition. One game is won when a player reaches eight points.
Each player has the right to request the possibility to earn the 'doublepoint' if he/she has not reached 6 points in that game yet.

The 'doublepoint' is a chance to gain two points instead of one in a single rally

The curved multifunctional Teq table brings everyone out of their comfort zones by creating unexpected angles and incredibly fast rallies.

We believe that Para Teqpong will provide new opportunities for disabled athletes all around the world and promote inclusivity and integration.