Coaching B Licence

The role of a teqpong coach:

According to The Oxford English Dictionary a coach is defined as a trainer or instructor of sport. However, anyone with experience of coaching or being coached will see that the coach’s role is more complex and extends far beyond that.

The main role of a coach is to assist athletes to reach their full potential, by analysing, instructing and motivating the players’ they coach. However, a coach’s role doesn’t just stop at that, roles vary from being a manager, demonstrator, motivator, leader, friend, supporter, advisor and at times even a chauffeur!  Overall a teqpong coach should also provide guidance for the athlete in life and in their sporting career.

Why should I become a qualified teqpong coach?

Being a coach is rewarding and satisfying, coaches gain satisfaction by helping people develop and achieve their goals. I mean what’s better than watching a kid who couldn’t hit a ball when you first started coaching them go on to win their first tournament?  An opportunity to impact first-hand on other peoples’ lives for the better and in the meantime benefit from personal self-development.

The B licence course will provide you with tools and information to help players reach their potential and improve your knowledge and abilities as a coach. Possessing a B licence allows you to lead official teqpong training sessions which opens exciting career possibilities within one of the fastest growing sports in the world.

Course structure:

2-day course (11 hours total)

The main topics of the course:

  • Rules
  • Teqpong Technique
  • Movement
  • Tactics
  • Structuring a session
  • Multiball
  • Athlete further development


Rules exam:       20 Questions     25-minute time limit

Theory exam:     20 Questions     35-minute time limit

Practical exam:  Consists of 3 practical exercises, chosen at random with one from each of the following topics.

                          1. Teqpong technique

                          2. Teqpong exercise with partner

                          3. Multiball exercise


A 75%+ average is required from all 3 exams to pass the course.

If a participant scores 60% or lower on any single exam, then they will automatically fail the course.


Successful participants will receive:

  • Coaching B licence certificate and licence card
  • Registered on the teqpong coach’s database
  • Free access to the full Teq Training library
  • B licence coach gift package

Upcoming Coaching B Licence Courses:

Dates coming soon!