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Paris 2019 Teqpong Challenger Cup

Paris, France

Would you like to be the first teqpong champion in France?

Teqpong is a new, innovative racket sport played on the Teq table. On 17 November Châtenay-Malabry will host the next Teqpong Challenger Cup with up to $4,000 prize money! 

Players maximum number: 64

Prize Money maximum: 4.000 $

Entry fee: 10 €.


Information - Responsible for the event:
Denis Lavalette +33 6 51 44 20 30 -

Start from 8:30 - Opening ceremony
Group Stage
Knockout stage - Bronze match - Final


1st Place: Péter Pálos

2nd Place: Josip Jerkovic

3rd Place: Sergej Ginkel