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Budapest 2020 Teqpong & Para Teqpong Challenger Cup

Budapest, Hungary

Would you like to be the next teqpong / para teqpong champion?

Teqpong is a new, innovative racket sport played on the Teq table. On the 4th of January Budapest will host the next Teqpong & Para Teqpong Challenger Cup with up to $4,000 prize money in both categories!

Entry fee: 3000 Huf

- TEQPONG: [email protected]
- PARA TEQPONG: [email protected]

Open practice: 03.01.2020 18:00 - 20:00

For further information contact:
TEQPONG - Koppán Dóra: [email protected]
PARA TEQPONG - Csuri Ferenc: [email protected]

Be a part of the first integrated Teqpong & Para Teqpong Challenger Cup!


1st Place: Kristóf Zakar

2nd Place: Péter Pálos

3rd Place: Roman Kiessling

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